Quality management

Quality policy

Quality is the task of the entire BurSped team

BurSped, as a logistics company, constantly strives to keep the customers’ needs in the foreground and fulfil them to the customers’ complete satisfaction. In doing so however, protection of the environment is always considered as the company’s aim and as part of our responsibility to employees and customers.

So that we can meet the high quality demands of our customers and ourselves, quality is seen as a cross-divisional function in our house and followed up by our quality managers.Our certified quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 incl. HACCP concepts serves as our guideline. Through continuous improvement processes, we would like to highlight our first-class service.

To achieve this we rely on regular internal audits, an efficient information system, quality and production meetings on all levels of production and also on quality circles in cooperation with our customers.

Who stops improving, stops being good!
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Mathias Conradi
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Company Targets

Quality Leadership

We provide high performance, high quality and economical services.

We develop innovative logistics solutions with passion.

We increase our performance through continuous optimisation of our logistics processes.

We are reliable and adjust to the constantly changing market conditions.

We act sustainably and consider environmental aspects in our service processes.

Customer Orientation

individual customer service

absolute customer satisfaction

high service quality

Employee Orientation

Inclusion of the employees in the decision making process

Supporting specialist knwoledge through education

Increasing the social competence through workshops

E-Learning for continuous know-how improvement

Continuity of work quality through "dual training"

Health protection and workplace safety are in the forefront of the provision of goods and services