Further education

...an investment in our future!

We always want to be a step ahead of the dynamic markets and constantly evolving market demands. That’s why we are always very interested in the continuous advancement of our employees.The further education courses are completely tailored to the needs of the employees and expand both the technical and social skills that the employees have as well as their expertise.

To achieve this we use both internal and external training opportunities.

Internally we use:

  • Training - to improve knowledge
  • Workshops - to increase social competence
  • Foreign language courses
  • E-Learning

Externally we use the training courses and workshops run by the CargoLine Academy among others in the fields of:

  • Transport and logistics
  • Service and customer orientation
  • Sales (Field / in office)
  • Management
  • Personality
  • Team development


Our employees and their logistics know-how are and will remain
our guarantee for excellent logistics services!