Environmental management

Our responsibility to the environment...

...continuous optimisation of our environmental policies!

Aware that our economic goals can only be reached in the long term by handling the environment extremely gently, the frugal and targeted use of resources is an important component of the environmental policies of our house. Because of this, we have been certified according to ISO 14001:2015 for a long time.

Ecological and economical action determines our path and makes it possible for us to do our part to protect the global environment and thereby provide future generations with a clean habitat.

The impact on our environment can be continuously reduced through careful use and ecological selection of materials and energy. Business growth at the expense of the environment should be avoided. It’s important to us that all employees are involved in significant environmental issues and the related promotion of environmental awareness for the corporate and private sector.

With regard to legal requirements, public relations and cooperation with our partners and subcontractors, the following specific tasks are dealt with by the individual operating divisions in as environmentally friendly a manner as possible:

External resource savings through:

  • Reducing our emissions through the use of modern vehicles
  • Driver education for ecological and economical driving of the trucks
  • Cooperation with partners (encounter traffic → Avoidance of empty trips)
  • Optimized transport routing through combined transport (Rail / Street)

Internal resource savings through:

  • Energy efficient building technology in the depot
  • Clear reductions in the use of paper through modern IT
  • Conscious and sparing use of electricity, water and raw materials by the employees
  • Waste avoidance

With equal economy, we go the eco-friendly and energy-saving way!

Environmentally sustainable
Environment management
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