How to use it

How do you check a digital signature?

To check a signature, you first of all have to save the signature and the invoice pertaining to it on the hard drive of your computer.

Step 1

In the first step after the address is called up you will be prompted to accept a certificate which secures the connection. Please accept this certificate by clicking the “Yes” button, as this is required for checking the signature. Otherwise the signature check cannot be performed.

Step 2

Now the program for checking the signature is started and you see the display on the right. To check the signature, please click on the “Load signature file” button, look for the signature file you have saved on your hard drive in the next window and then click on “Open”.

Step 3

Now you also need to load the invoice linked to the signature into the program. To do so, confirm the “Load signature document” button, look for the pertinent invoice file which you have already saved onto your hard drive and then click on “Open”.

Step 4

The program is now ready to check the signature. Please ignore the “Load timestamp” and “Load certificate status” buttons, as they are irrelevant for the check. Simply click on the “Continue” button at the bottom right in order to perform the check.

Step 5

The result of the signature check is now performed. If you have any further questions about our signature system, please use the contact form to send an email to or call the CargoLine invoice team.