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Our contract logistics

...because storage is more than just stacking pallets!

The consumers’ demands on industry and commercial enterprises are getting higher. Almost every product has to have a certain amount of individuality in addition to high quality standards. This increases the variety of products and supply chains become even more complex. Not only transport related temporary storage plays a role then, in order to store goods adequately with regard to time, amount and quality before shipping them to the customer.
And that’s where BurSped comes in with its team of contract logistics specialists and the appropriate resources...

To fulfil all the increased demands in the supply chain we offer you a broad product portfolio, both for storage as well as activities to add further value to your goods. This includes:

Contract logistics

  Fixed bin location warehousing

Warehouse Management

  Random storage

Contain loading / unloading

  FIFO / LIFO warehousing

Value added services

  BBD and batch warehousing

Holistic and transparent logistics concepts tailored to your requirements!

Questions about the contract logistics?

Department Manager Contract Logistics:
Volker Lindner

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